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Web User Interface

The User Interface allows you to interact with your Wolfpack installation.

Home/Status Page


Provides a summary of the Wolfpack status and list the plugins, checks publishers etc that are running plus any "unhealthy" plugins that did not initialise correctly at startup.


Activity Page (SignalR)


No self-respecting .Net system is seen dead without SignalR these days...and Wolfpack is a perfect candidate for some SignalR pixie-dust. Implemented as a simple activity plugin that hooks the internal message bus - Notifications are directly broadcast via a signalr "notification hub" (for those in the SignalR know) to all connected SignalR clients (one of which is the Activity page!).


Configuration Page


Quickly find plugins with the Plugins "tag cloud" by selecting/deselecting the tags. Plugins advertise themselves to the tag cloud via the ISupportConfigurationDiscovery interface - if a plugin implements this it will automatically appear in the tag cloud and be configurable via the editor.


To create a new plugin instance or edit a running one you need to enter the "Editor" screen - this provides a visual JSON editor - you can edit your plugin config here.


Send Notification Page


Pokes a notification into the local Wolfpack instance. This is useful for testing or just general push of some information that requires capturing/broadcasting (to a dashboard for instance).


Diagnostics Page


COMING SOON A page to provide diagnostic information about the running Wolfpack instance including a live (signalr) log output and other stats.

Help/About Page


A page to provide thanks to anyone that has contributed to the Wolfpack project!

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