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Sql Query Health Check

This check allows you to provide a FROM clause to a Sql query. Wolfpack will append your "FROM..." to a "SELECT COUNT(*)" to create a scalar query statement - the number of rows returned can then be used to interpret success or failure.


The account identity that Wolfpack runs under will need to have the appropriate Sql LOGIN and SELECT permissions to the Sql entities in your FROM clause.


  • The config\check.castle.config file stores the check configuration - the example one that ships with Wolfpack is called "WolfpackDatabaseHasResults".
    • The ConnectionString property is now "smart" - this can be an actual connection string OR the name of a connection stored in config\data.connection.config. This means that you can reference a connection string rather than have to replicate it to the various database components that require it making deployment easier.
    • Remember when writing your FROM query - you must encode any xml entities such as <>" etc. These are commonly used when writing queries.
    • InterpretZeroRowsAsAFailure controls how the row count is interpretted as a result. Set this to true and the check result will indicate a failure if the query returns no rows. Set it to false to make a non zero rowcount a failure.
  • Finally remember to associate your check with a scheduler in the config\binding.castle.config file

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