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Displays pushpins for each stat that matches the selection criteria.


Widget Url

  • http://hostname/geckoboard/map/checkid/outcome
    • where...
      • checkid is the FriendlyId of a HealthCheck
      • outcome is the result. Valid values are "success", "failure", "any"
    • optional querystring params....
      • site= your site id (in role.castle.config)
      • agent = the name of the agent (machine name)
      • tag = any tag value you added as part of the check


This feature can be used in two ways....
  1. You can provide static longitude/latitude coordinates to each Wolfpack Agent instance; this means you can plot on the map where HealthCheck results have originated from. To do this just set the <Longitude> & <Latitude> elements in the role.castle.config file.
  2. Using the AppStats feature you can set the longitude & latitude on an AppStat - so whatever your AppStat represents (an order, a login etc) you can now geo tag it put geo coords on your "order" AppStat to plot them on your Geckoboard map.
    • There is a new Geo() extension to the AppStatsEvent object.
            AppStatsEngine.Publish(new AppStatsEvent()
                                       .One().Geo().Point("51.5017741", "-0.1406510"));

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