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This page contains all the information you need to know about Activities including detailed information on each one supplied with Wolfpack. An Activity is essentially a background task - its starts with Wolfpack and runs until Wolfpack exits - and it can do anything it likes. HealthChecks are built on Activities - they just add on some scheduling and plumbing code to run the "check" at the right time. Activities are suited to providing infrastructure services to Wolfpack and are generally used to host communication connectors such as WCF ServiceHosts or the NServiceBus Bus.
  • Geckoboard Data Service - this activity provides a WCF Http REST interface to Wolfpack and returns JSON data that can be plugged into a variety of Geckoboard widgets.
  • SignalR Data Service - this is a contrib activity plugin that provides a self-hosted SignalR instance which broadcasts the Wolfpack messages to all connected clients. WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT RELEASED YET

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