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Wolfpack notifications have been streamlined - there is a single notification message type now and all notifications are routed through the Notification Hub.

Notification Hub

The hub provides a single place for notification filtering logic to be applied. Notifications are now generated by the Health Checks as "Notification Requests" and are sent to the Hub to be matched with their requested filter - once the filter has been located it applies its logic and determines whether the notification should actually be forwarded onwards to the "Publishers" (as a fully fledged "Notification"; additional environment based information is injected into the "Notification Request"). You can write new filters and drop them in - just configure your HealthCheck plugin to use it via the "NotificationMode" property on your check's configuration.

Wolfpack ships with a few built-in filters - these should cover most scenarios...
  • Always publish
  • Publish on failure
  • Publish on success
  • ResultCount Change - tracks the "result count" property of a check and only publishes if it has changed from the last notification received.
  • State Change - tracks the state of a plug-ins notifications and only publishes the notification request if it has "flipped" state from the previous notification. So if a check ran every 10 seconds and went into failure mode for 5 minutes you would get just one failure notification...followed 5 minutes later by a success notification.
  • State Change Nag - same as above but if the notification remains in the failed state it will continue to publish them but at an ever decreasing frequency.

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