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Wolfpack v2.x Docs (archive)

Note: v3 is the official release and support for v2.x has much lower priority!

There is fairly comprehensive documentation to support Wolfpack - however if you think something needs more detail or doesn't explain how it works then please get in touch so I can get you moving and improve it.


  • Getting Started - information on how to install/uninstall Wolfpack.
    • Updating Wolfpack - information on how to update your Wolfpack installation and install new plug-ins.
  • Health Checks - information on the built-in Health Checks that Wolfpack ships with.
  • Publishers - information on how to setup each type of publisher.
  • Activities - information on the built-in Activities that Wolfpack ships with including how to connect Wolfpack to Geckoboard to create an instant dashboard for your system.
  • How To - tries to answer common questions and setup scenarios you have with Wolfpack.

Advanced Features

  • AppStats - use this page to found out how Wolfpack can be used to record your application stats and KPI's.
  • Build Analytics - use this page to set up Wolfpack to monitor your build (TeamCity supported so far) and then extract and display NCover, SpecFlow & StoryQ statistics in Geckoboard.
  • Owl Energy Monitor - information on setting up an Owl home/office energy monitor and integrating it with Wolfpack and Geckoboard.

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