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Disk Space Usage

Monitors the amount of disk space used as a percentage on the local or a remote machine. This check is a "stream/threshold" based check - it can stream a value and an optional threshold can be set to trigger an alert (represented as a failed check result) should that be breached.
  • ResultCount = CPU utilisation %
  • Result = false (if threshold set and breached)
  • Tags = the drive letter


  • ?


check.castle.config contains the example for this check.
    <component id="SystemDriveFreeSpace"
				   type="Wolfpack.Core.Checks.DiskSpaceCheckConfig, Wolfpack.Core">
        <!-- leave blank for local or set to remote machine name -->
  • Enabled set to true to enable the check or false to not run it
  • StreamData property should be set to "true" to always return the current value - this should be used if you want to constantly monitor (or graph) the space % used.
  • Threshold is the % value that will cause a failure result to be generated if the disk space % used exceeds it. This is an optional setting and should be left blank if you do not want to generate alerts if the % goes too high.
  • Drive is the drive letter to monitor
  • MachineName is the name of the machine to execute this check against. Leave blank to check the local machine.

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