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Pie Charts

Display HealthCheck result or AppStats data as a pie chart.


Widget Url

All Results

This will provide a count of HealthCheck result failures grouped by SiteId.
  • http://hostname/geckoboard/piechart/sites

Failure types for a specific Site

This provides a count of failures by HealthCheck type for the specific site.
  • http://hostname/geckoboard/piechart/sites/siteid
  • where...
    • siteid is the name of the site to analyse (this is set in the role.castle.config file)

Check details

This provides a detailed breakdown of a check or AppStat broken down by Tag.
  • http://hostname/geckoboard/piechart/check/outcome/operation
  • where...
    • check is the check id to target
    • outcome is the result, values are "success", "failure", "any" (for AppStats always use "any")
    • operation controls how the pie chart segment number is generated. Values are...
      • "Count" - this will count the number of results that match
      • "Sum" - this will sum up the ResultCount property of each Tag group
      • "Average" - provides the average ResultCount across each Tag group
      • "Min" & "Max" - provides minimum and maximum respectively across each Tag group

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