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Wolfpack v3

10th May 2014 v3 is live!

v3 is now the official release and replaces v2.x. There are many breaking changes between the two versions but v3 offers significant improvements including a User Interface and the new Notification Hub feature.

Wolfpack v2.x

The main docs index page has been archived here.


I've got some longer term ideas for Wolfpack and I'm starting to get suggestions for features and improvements from Wolfpack users - so I have started a Roadmap page to keep a track of them and give a clear view of the direction it's going in. To help flesh out individual ideas I'll start a discussion thread here (prefixed "Incubating") - this gives everyone a chance to contribute to the discussion of what it is and how to design/develop it.


Wolfpack now has a contrib project! :) Started by Rob Gibbens (@RobGibbens) it extends Wolfpack to provide new Health Checks and Publishers (email, MongoDb) and goes without saying the NuGet packages are available too (just search for "wolfpack")! Nice one Rob!

Thank you!

  • Massive thanks to the awesome folks at JetBrains for supporting the Open Source Software community and granting the Wolfpack project licences to its superb ReSharper and dotTrace products..."Wolfpack is developed faster with ReSharper!"
  • Pixel Mixer for the cool agent_small.png logo/icon (via the awesome
  • Paul (@geckoboard) for help getting me hooked up to his incredible Geckoboard dashboard
  • VisualPharm for the AppStats line chart icon
  • Oliver Scholtz for message graphic
  • Rob Gibbens for his work on the NuGet packages and contrib projects (Oracle, Mongo etc)

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