Stop false alerts when check encounter a spike

Jul 9, 2013 at 9:58 AM
Wolfpack user Brian Rumschlag has suggested a neat feature - primarily concerning the CPU check.

Currently if this check detects a CPU level above the threshold set in the configuration it will immediately trigger an alert. If this breach of the threshold is temporary - eg: a "spike" then this results in a "false" alert as by the time you investigate this condition it has probably resumed normal activity.

The proposal is to build a health check base class that wraps up a new generic behaviour - if the check has its threshold breached it will enter a tracking period where it will test again after a suitable delay (and repeat this a number of times) and if still in breach only then raise an alert.

A simpler variation of this is to introduce a new parameter to the check that is a count of number of contiguous failures (breaches) before sending the alert. eg: if this value was set to say 3 - the CPU check would need to fail 3 times in a row before sending a failure alert. If after say 2 failures it succeeded then we reset the count and start tracking again.

I think this is a useful and simple addition to Wolfpack - any one have thoughts on this feature and have any suggestions about how to improve/implement it? I like the simple option above - a new config parameter that allows you to specify the number of failures before trigger an alert - what do you guys think?